About my humble self

My name is Marik Wagner, alias GanryuSasaki. I' m born at 31st August 1992 in Germany. I am an indipendent comic artist.

In 2011 I sucessfully completed my training in media designer for digital and print media (non academic degree). Following this, I got my technical diploma in design. Throught my training I got some artistic skills and art historical basic knowledge. Ever since I improve these skills and extend my knowledge. Since 2012 I attend conventions in the artist alley.

Mostly I finally want to produce my comic named Rabe und Elster and succesfully make a living out of my art. Therefor I take commissions and attend at any convention that I can.

My nickname

Sasaki, Kojiro (1586-1612) is one of the most famous samurai of Japan. Art takes up frequently his duell with Miyamoto, Musashi. Ganryu is the name of the sword fighting school he founded. To honor Kojiro Sasaki the island on wich the duell with Musashi happened is also  named Ganryu.